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Members Monthly Bulletin May 2023

We expect to mail the latest issue of Warrior 57 on Monday 5th June. This Bulletin updates on events since the magazine went to press.


Here is the latest on our periphery income streams; plus, a Treasurer’s timely bonus announcement.

Amazon Smile: We have now received the final Amazon Prime donation amounting to £56.63. Thank you to all the smilers who used prime in the past.

Easyfundraising: The sum of £50.21 was received this month representing the donation from them off the back of members purchases.

Recycle for charity:  We received £6.25 for recycled ink cartridges in April. Although this is pretty small, it’s nonetheless welcome. The total raised for us so far amounts to £3260.91.

Members's Monthly Bulletin April 2023

Here is our progress report for April 2023.


 Following completion of testing reported in the March Bulletin the hornguides and now the brake hanger brackets have been temporarily refitted to the frames using volunteers. 

Preparation for the main frame rectification work has been completed, with metal ‘bullets’ produced and inserted in the frame holes where needed.  The rectification work itself did not happen this month as intended, because of key staff availability problems. 

Members' Monthly Bulletin March 2023

Here is our progress report for March 2023.


 The air brake brackets and pipes have been fitted to the new front buffer beam.

After the completion of Magnetic Particle Inspection of 69 chassis frame components in February, an item-by-item examination of the results took place in March with the involvement of our certification body. About 25% of the components have minor defects which are considered to be repairable, and arrangements have been made for these repairs to be carried out at Riley & Son.  A second round of hardness testing was also carried out on site in March by our competent volunteer, thus completing the comprehensive testing of chassis frame components required.

Members' Monthly Bulletin February 2023

Here is our progress report for February 2023. 

The mailing of our latest Warrior Magazine is expected to start on 2nd March, so this bulletin will not repeat all the detail on the subjects we normally cover in the magazine.  But since the Warrior went to press, we have now completed the first phase of the MPI testing required on chassis components for quality reasons. This is an important step - around 50 components were tested last week, using a competent third party. We are this week assessing the results with the help of our Certification Body.  



Thanks to determined ancestry research undertaken by our colleague Neil Kinsey, we have been able to trace a great-grandson of Sir Henry Fowler, the LMS Chief Mechanical Engineer at the time of the Patriot class build. He has expressed interest in our project and we arranging to meet him to take this interest further.

One of our Trustees, John Hastings-Thomson, who will be known to many of you, has had to undergo major heart surgery this month. He is still in hospital to help his gradual recovery, but we understand the operation was successful. We all wish him well.  



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