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AGM 2021

For those who couldn't attend the AGM we have reproduced the presentation in The Warrior, however because of space constraints we could not reproduce the tables at a size where they are easily legible. With this in mind we have uploaded a pdf of the presentation so that you can see the amount of work that goes into the areas of Budgeting, Project Control, Risk Management, etc. and that a system is now in place to inform exactly where the build stands. These will be updated on a regular basis.

Click here to download.




Resource for progress at West Shed continues to be restricted by the overhaul of 6233. This was intended to be complete by the end of September, but is now expected in mid-October. 

Work on 5551 in the month has concentrated on the successful removal of various components from the frames (such as the inside cylinder and motion bracket), in preparation for refitting to the standard required. 



An independent competent review has supported our decision to replace the driving wheels rather than attempting repair.

Our driving wheels are now at Boro Foundry for examination: we and the Foundry are cooperating on the provision of information about the engineering history of the wheels to establsih the cause of the defects.

The PRCLT chassis assessment was reviewed in August.  Issues were agreed with the preparation of frame surfaces for the attachment of components and the fixings used. There is more on this in The Warrior: we are finalising the detail of the remedial work with PRCLT and have started work on the forward programme implications.



A full report on the driving wheels defects reported last month was submitted to our quarterly Trustee Board meeting on 31st July (our first face-to-face board meeting since January 2020).  The Board accepted the evidence which showed that the wheels will have to be replaced, and gave guidance on the way forward for the project.  

Chassis Update Video

Our Chassis Update Video is now available on our YouTube channel, thanks to Andrew Kennedy of Oakwood Visuals who recently filmed this at West Shed. Please Like, Subscribe to our channel or Comment.


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