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April has been a difficult month. In the course of the original weld repairs work at Riley and Son (Bury), a significant crack was detected in one of the trailing wheel pans.  Repairs were started at the end of March, but the cracking was found to be more serious and extensive than anticipated.  After on-site inspection and discussion this month, it is our conclusion that the wheel concerned will have to be scrapped. In the circumstances, the project has also decided that, as a precaution, we need to test the other driving wheels for similar cracking. Preparatory work for this testing has started.



At West Shed, work has been reduced with our agreement to allow essential maintenance work to take place on PRCLT’s 6233. However, a start has been made on new fittings for the cylinder covers.  Active dialogue also continued with Riley and Son over the re-assembly of one wheelset after the weld repairs.  Because of the pandemic, it has not yet been possible to follow-up with the South African manufacturer over delivery of the replacement axle material for the second wheelset.  



At West Shed, the motion has now had all the bushes pressed off and the condition of all components fully assessed. 

Following discussions with PRCLT we have decided that using the legacy motion parts obtained for 5551 could have a hidden risk of failure. One of the radius rods has a previous repair that has weakened the part to the point of being unsuitable for further use. We will therefore be sourcing 2 new outside combination levers, 1 union link & 2 outside radius rods.

Members Monthly Bulletin, January 2021

Call for volunteer help

We have a pressing need for volunteer help on back-office tasks. In addition to work related to safety documentation, we urgently need help on stock control and recording for our on-line and other merchandise sales. Technical / engineering knowledge is not essential. Computer literacy and a readiness to work flexibly from home will be necessary.  If you are interested, please contact us via, our temporary office number 07801 945689, or the contact form on our website under Support Us/Volunteering.  We will then follow up with you to see how best you could help. 


Finance: In December, two short-term loans have been agreed with members.  December was the final month in which accrued compound interest on boiler loans was due to be paid. We intend to give you a more complete picture for 2020 next month.

Our January 2021 Board meeting will review the year-to-date income figures. However, to provide you with a taster on the total income for the quarter ending 31st December, we are hoping that it will be close to £150k. Our provisional result for the quarter is £82k: this excludes any gift aid recoverable, which will be added in the January Board review.

It is very encouraging that we continue to receive the financial support that we do.  A sincere thank you for your continued faith.


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