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Sir Henry Fowler. In memoriam.

Eighty years ago on the 16th October 1938 Sir Henry Fowler passed away.

Why not make a donation to the project in memory of the man who's name will be forever linked with The LMS and of course the Patriot Class.

'Rails and Remembrance' Exhibition Opens at Crewe Heritage Centre

The LMS-Patriot Project is staging an exhibition about Remembrance Engines, the VC recipients and the Railways at Crewe Heritage Centre. The 'Rails and Remembrance' exhibition opened at the beginning of September and runs until the end of 2018. A specially produced video tells the story of the role railways played during the Great War and how several Remembrance engines were built as a memorial to the employees of Railway Companies who gave their lives during the Great War. The exhibition brings the story to the present day with the creation of the new National Memorial Engine ’The Unknown Warrior’ which is being built to commemorate the 100th Anniversary of the Armistice

Inner Firebox Trial Fitted

On Thursday 26th July the inner firebox was trial fitted to the outer wrapper at West Shed, Ripley, the two parts lined up perfectly – great testament to the quality of work HBSS are producing for the Project.

'The Unknown Warrior' Coal Models

We have in our shop the last few 00 gauge coal models for sale.

Unfortunately each has suffered minor damage and as such has been reduced in price from £25.00 to £15.00.


If you would like to view the latest progress of The Unknown Warrior's boiler there is a 'Patrons and Friends of the Duchess Weekend' taking place at the West Shed, Ripley on 14th and 15th July, where you can also see the Duchess, Standard 4MT No. 80080, 'Princess Margaret Rose' and Royal Saloon 45000 on display outside the shed.


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