Roll of Honour

Many people are involved in the creation of the 'The Unknown Warrior' and without them, the Project would not have progressed as far as it has. This Roll of Honour gratefully acknowledges the following.

Note - We have improved the structure of this list and split it over two pages due to the number of sponsors. Some individuals names are repeated in both lists

They donated £150 or more to 'The Unknown Warrior' as single donations

They sponsored the following parts for 'The Unknown Warrior'

8E Railway Company (The)
P. N. Ackley
S. Ackley
Mrs D W Alder
D. Allen
C Baalham
J. Baguley
D. J. Banks
J. V. Barrowdale
R Bell
J.A. Bennett
J. I. Bennett
G. Bentley
R. Billinge
B. J. Bloore
A. Bodlander
P. Boot
P Boothman
G. Bottoms
T. Bradley
D. Bradshaw
R. Braithwaite
A. Briddon
R. Briddon
J. Brooks
A.A. Brown
C. Brown
David Brown, EEC UK Ltd.
R. J. Browne
D. Brudenell
P. T. Bryant
D. Burgess
M. Burrows
Burton Railway Society
D Butler
D. J. Cadden
R A H Casling
N. J. Chambers
A Chapman
R Chapman
A B Charlwood
K. Chynoweth
I. Clark
T Clowes
A. A. Collins
A. Collinson
N & S Collinson
B Colthorpe
S. P. Cook
Christopher Cooper
B A Cox
N. A. Cox
P. Cunningham
R Dalton
M. Dean
J M Dench
I Dewsnap
K Dickens
P Dickins
R Dickinson (In Memory of)
A. C. Digby
Digitrains Limited
J. H. Dixon
J W Dixon
W James Dixon
P Dunkley
M. & S. Dunn
T J Dye
G F Dyer
R Dyett
DPR Carriage Group
C East
J M Edwards
D T Eldridge
P D Elson
J Evans
L M Evans
Malcolm Evans
Michael Evans
N C Ewart
P S Excell
D. & H. Fakes
D. Farmer
Fastlok Engineering
R Field
D Ford
M. Freelove (In Memory of)
Miss C. Y. French
Galardds Limited
J A Gartside
A. G. Gilbert
J P Gill
Miss C. G. Gillard
P Gittins
D Gledhill
P. Gomm
M Gordon
A Graham
B Greally
Haberdashers Arms Potato Club
C Hall
S. Hall
D. Halsey
J. Hancock
Harborough Railway Association
JAW Haylock
K Haynes
R Hellawell
P Helm
G. Henshaw
Neil & Angela Heuting
C H Hewitt
J D Higham
A Hobbs
Mr J. C. Hooper
Bill Hudson (In Memory of)
Michael Hudson
C Hughes
D G Hughes
G. J. Hull
I. Hunter
J. D. Hutchinson
C Ignatowicz
A. & S. Inkle
S & P G Ison
B P Jackson
T Jackson
D W F James
P James
B S Jennings
P Jervis
M O Johnson
R I Johnstone
D Jones
J Julian
B Kennedy
P Kenyon
P Kershaw
A A King
J Knight
R Kyte
G Lawrence
T Lawrence
A Laws
S Lindsay
A S Lindsey
D Lowe
L R Lusby
W Maffey
D Manley
V Marchant
George Marsh (in memory of)
J Marshall
D E Martin
G Massey
B Mathews
R Mathews
D P May
T Maynard
A McRae
R McGowan
H Medcalf
B D Mercer
A Millard
P Millard
G D Milsom
G Mitchell
T Mitchell
A E Moore
D Moore
Roy S Morris
N Mussett
D Nugent
Nuneaton Railway Circle
 in Memory of Trevor Burdett
P.J Orgill
A F Ormondroyd
R P Parr
H Pattenden
C F Pears
R Pearson
G Pearson
A Percy
C J Perkins
G C Perry
R Pettit
A C Petty - DC Kits/D&E Video
D J Phillips
J N Pickavance
D Pickersgill
N D Pittman
Mrs D Plevey
Michael A Poole
A S Price
J Prytherch
P Ramsey
J Randall
A L Reid
F C Renouf
M L Reynolds
L W Ridler
R Riley
H O Roberts
G H Robinson
M A Rotheram
M Rowbottom
Rugby Model Engineering Club
R Sant
S Sant
R Seyers
G Shell
K Shell
J R Sherratt
W Sherriff
D A Silkstone
P Sikes
J S Silcock
J Simpson
Mike Smith
R Smithies
W D Smyth
Mrs B Speake
R F Spencer
R Spybey
G Stacey
P Stanbridge
J Stanek
T Stevens
A Strathie in memory of John "Jack" Strathie
R Sweet
C Tasker
Richard Taylor
K Taylorson
D Temple
G P Thomas
R M Thomas
C Thompson
Thorncombe Rail Activities Club
S Thorp
D Tuffin
J & C Turner
J W Turner
P D Turner
W Twiss
Thomas H Viccars 1920-2013
K Walker
A Wall
G Ward
R Ward
S Ward
D Wardill
Warwickshire Railway Society
N Wellings
G Wells, 247 Developments
K West
D Westall
R Whitby
P J P White
V H White
V R Whitehead (in memory of)
P Whitfield
R B Wilson
P R Williams
P M Williams
E Winfield
M Winters
C Wolfson
R M Wood
B R Woodward
A V Woolley
D Woolley
D Worthington
J Wright
P Wright
M Yeomans

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