In Memoriam

'The Unknown Warrior' locomotive is dedicated to all those who fought and died in the Great War and in all subsequent wars. As the new National Memorial Engine, 'The Unknown Warrior' is a new memorial engine for the 21st century. In recognition of this, The LMS-Patriot Project is also inviting components to be sponsored in memory of loved ones. Please contact us if you would like to make a donation in memory of a relative, friend or somebody who served in the Armed Forces.

In Memoriam

Alan Percy has sponsored a fitted cylinder bolt in memory of David Kenneth Percy

Daphne & Robert Plevey have sponsored two Crown stays in memory of Colin Plevey.

Richard Kyte has sponsored a Cylinder Fitted Bolt in memory of
John Kyte

In memory of Derek Gledhill who left £19,563.78 in his will to the project. This has sponsored 3 Piston Valve Rods and a Safety Valve

The family and friends of LMS Patriot Volunteer Peter Whittaker have donated £350 in his memory.

John Rider has sponsored a cylinder fitted bolt in memory of two Sherwood Foresters and Two Lancashire Fusiliers who were relatives of his wife

Donation for a spring hanger casting in memory Henry Excell.

Stretcher 2 sponsored in memory of Michael R. (Mick) Freelove, 1942-2013.

Mick enjoyed a 49 ½  year railway career, starting out as a fireman and soon becoming a driver, first of steam engines and then diesel/diesel-electrics. He was originally based at Saltley, Birmingham and later transferred to Bournemouth. Mick had a lifelong love of steam and after retiring was the proud owner of two 5" gauge steam locomotives, which he ran at Southampton Model Engineering Society's track and other venues.

Donation for 2 Horn guides for driving wheels in memory of
Peter Leslie Chappell who worked for the whole of his life on the railway and a keen supporter of the work of the Patriot. 
3rd November 2014

Donation in memory of Peter Wilsher (1947 - 2014) who had a lifelong love of steam trains and also in rememberance of his grandfather, George Wilsher who died in September 1918, a brave soldier.

Donation from Leonard Lean in memory of his great uncle, Sgt. Frank Lean who was 'sniped', almost at the end of The Battle of Somme in October 1916.
6th May 2015

Donation from Mr Peter Wilde in memory of his two great uncles, John Spooner, 9th Batt Rifle Brigade, missing in action on the Somme at Flers-Courelette on 15th September 1916 aged 25, and his brother Abraham Spooner, who died 30th September 1916 aged 23, following injury and illness after service at Gallipoli with the 4th Batt East Lancashire Regiment.

Sponsorship of a Large Boiler Tube by Nigel Pittman in memory of his grandfather George Pittman, who although a conscientious objector, served throughout the First World War in the Royal Army Medical Corps.

Sponsorship of a Large Boiler Tube by Mrs Daphne Plevey with Robert, Neil & Anne, in memory of Colin Plevey, who served in the Coldstream Guards. His favourite engine was 5512 Bunsen.

Don Foster donated £50 at the first anniversary of the death of his Brother-in-Law Alan Copeland

The Bedford Branch of theLocomotive Club of Great Britain (LCGB) donated £50 in memory of their member David Eatwell  

Sponsorship of £320 for a piston from Tim Mitchell of Bristol in memory of his recently departed mother and her late husband, June and Martin Mitchell.

G S Madden has kindly sent a donation of £50 in memory of his brother Stephen Madden.

Donation of £200 by Gerald and Christopher Griffin, in memory of their late parents, Kevin and Alma Griffin, who both served their country during World War 2.

Donation by James Hudson to sponsor a valve crosshead bracket in memory o his father Bill Hudson

Donation of £75 by Gerald & Christopher Griffin in memory of their uncle Robert Fryer who died whilst serving in the RAF in the late 1940's having survived WW2 and his uncle also Robert Fryer who fell at the Somme in July 1916. Both men of courage greatly missed by their families.

Sponsorship of £100 for 2 oil boxes by Donald J Foster in memory of his brother Brian William Foster who died 8th December 2016.

Donations of £1,700 by Julian Randall in memory of C Paul Wilson who died on 1st April 2017

£500 sponsorship of the Left Hand Cylinder Cladding Sheet donated by Nuneaton Railway Circle and Mrs Hilary Burdett in memory of Trevor Burdett.

Sponsorship of a longitudinal boiler stay by Mrs Brenda Speake in memory of her husband William R B Speake who died on 15th January 2017. He visited Llangollen many times to follow progress on the locomotive.

Donation of £100 by Linn and Alan Phipps in memory of their three great-uncles who were killed in the Great War
Corporal Gilbert Howe Coles, 7th Battalion, Somerset Light Infantry 30/11/1917 (Battle of Cambrai)
Private Mark Hickin, 2nd/7th Battalion Duke of Wellington's (West Riding Regiment) 24/5/1917 (Rouen)
Private Thomas Phipps, 4th Battalion Worcester Regiment, 9/10/1917 (Battle of Ypres)

Sponsorship of casting new crest (for nameplate) by Neil Collinson's family in memory of W L Ankers (Les) who died on 22/10/2005

Sponsorship of casting new crest (for nameplate) by Neil Collinson's family in memory of J Ankers (John) who was killed 14/07/1916

Sponsorship of casting new crest (for nameplate) by Kevin West in memory of H G Dumbelton, MM (Harry George) who was killed at Passchendaele 12/10/1917 and of Shirley Evelyn West who died on 5/11/2018

J Orchard has kindly sent a donation of £50 in memory of his brother Derek Orchard "who knew the three Bristol Patriots."

The family of Andrew John Blurton, who died on 19/2/2015, kindly donated his large collection of railway DVD's which raised in excess of £1,000.

Donation of interest due on his Boiler Loan by Charles Terry, in memory of his wife's  uncle, John Bailey, killed on The Somme 25/3/1916 and also his father Charles Reuben Terry who also risked life and limb in a somewhat different sphere.

The family & friends of the late Ronald (Ron) Dickinson have sponsored the front right hand step and a horn guide pattern in his memory

Sponsorship of 2 Machine Bogie Wheels by Anne Strathie in memory of her late father
John "Jack" Strathie
, who loved trains.

June Dawson has sponsored a drain cock & a fitted bolt in memory of her son Andy Dawson

The family & friends of Edward Robert Nourse (Ted) have sponsored 15 meters of copper pipe and 2 pipe clips in his memory

In memory of John Andrew Bennett who left £25,000.00 to the project.

The family & friends of Prof David Hodgson have donated £455.57 in his memory

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