Engineering Update - October 2014

Locomotive Frame Assembly

45551 in the shed at Llangollen November 2014

Photo – Tom Peacock

Following the locomotives return to Llangollen from display at The Great Dorset Steam Fair at the end of August our volunteer painting gang have continued work on the chassis and Driving Wheels. Work on the Driving Wheels has included filling and rubbing down the small surface irregularities in the spokes to obtain a smooth surface.

Inside Cylinder Casting

The Inside Cylinder Casting is ready for fitting into the locomotive, following the return of the Outside Cylinders and final tapping of the lubrication threads.

Outside Cylinder Castings

The Outside Cylinders castings have been machined by Harco Engineering and are expected to move back to Llangollen in early November ready for fitting to the Frame Assembly.

Outside Cylinder casting almost complete at Harco Engineering.

One of our Patriot Outside Cylinder alongside a new Cylinder for LMS Black 5 No 5025

Photos – Terry Flavell, Harco Engineering

Pistons, Valves and Motion

Machining of the Motion Girders is progressing at Harco Engineering.

The Outside Motion Brackets have also received preparation work prior to fitting to the Frames Assembly along with the Cylinders and Motion Girders.

Drawings have been finalized for the Slide Bars and an order placed on Harco Engineering to supply with delivery due in November. The Rear Cylinder Cover patterns have been finished and await casting and machining.

One of the Hind Cylinder Cover patterns being assembled at Premier Patterns.

Tthe valve heads have been cast as part of a bulk order that include identical parts for Jubilee class locomotives Bahamas, Koluhpur and Leander. They are at Tyseley Locomotive Works for machining. Tyseley will also be supplying the Pistons and Piston Rods, drawings for these have been completed and a pattern for the Piston casting is about to be ordered.

Drawings for the Coupling Rod Bushes and Brasses have been completed and sent out for quotation.


Detailed discussions continue with Tyseley Locomotives Works regarding assembly of the Bogie.

The Frame Plates have been machined and drilled and are ready to return to Tyseley.

The Frame End Stays and Spring Stays have been machined by Harco Engineering.

The Bogie End Stays and Side Control Spring Stays, after machining at Harco Engineering. In the background Paul Hill is working on one of the Outside Cylinders.

Photo – Terry Flavell, Harco Engineering

The two new wheel centre castings for the second axle have been cast. Quotations for machining these castings are being obtained.

Quotations for the supply of the new axle and tyres are being obtained. We had originally been quoted 22 weeks delivery from South Africa, which is the only supplier for the correct grade steel billet for a single axle. We had considered using an axle from a scrapped class 08 diesel shunter and re-machining it to the sizes required. But obtaining all the paperwork to prove it was of the required quality was going to be almost impossible. We have now found a supplier in the UK with billets of the correct grade and size and at a very competitive price. They have also expressed interest in quoting for the tyres, technical details for which are in discussion with South Devon Engineering.

Discussions with South Devon Engineering at Buckfastleigh are ongoing for assembly of the wheel centers onto the axle and fitting the tyres.

The two Bogie Wheel Castings. Photos Premier Patterns


The forming blocks for the outer firebox Steel Flanged plates are under construction at Tyseley Locomotive Works.

Work continues at LNWR Crewe on forming the inner firebox flanged plates. The doorplate is finished with work in progress on the more complicated throatplate. Completion of the inner firebox is on schedule for February 2015.

Detail work on the new drawings required for the boiler continues.


The tender chassis was transferred from Llangollen to Rowlescourt’s works on 19th September. A meeting was held at Rowlescourt Engineering in mid October to discuss the refurbishment of the chassis.

The CAD work to enable this has been finished and passed to Rowlescourt.

David Bradshaw discusses refurbishment of the Tender Chassis at Rowlescourt Engineering

The design for the new tender tank has been progressing when time allows.

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